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What’s happening

Working to keep students safe

The safety and well-being of our youngsters is more important than anything. Schools throughout Longview focus on safety every single day in a variety of ways.

  • Relationships between students and trusted adults is the foundation. In the recent incident at R. A. Long, a student had a concern that he shared, and it was acted on immediately. Adults will continue to be available and responsive to our students. Schools remind students: “see something, say something!”
  • Emergency response drills are conducted so that, if ever necessary, students and staff members will be prepared.  Responses fall into four general categories–shelter in place (for example–wind or hazardous materials), evacuate (for example–fire or threat inside the building), lockout (for example–a police activity near the school, and lockdown (for example–active threat in the building).
  • Collaboration with  community police and firefighters in safety planning and in response to incidents in and near our schools.
  • Best-practice response–In the event of an active threat where a person’s actions are causing or meant to cause harm to others, schools will use an A-L-I-C-E response. Taken in any order, A-L-I-C-E stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. Those actions can be taken in any order. Students have been instructed on ALICE […]
February 16th, 2018|

Olympic Champions 2-16-18


Writing: Hailey Flanagan;

Math: Steven DeRidder; Ryder Howell; Dominic Monroy;

Reading: Alice Megna;


Respect: Natalia Gonzales;

Responsible: Maribel Morales; Abbi Elkinton;

Kindness: London Schenck;

Strive for Excellence: Caleb Culp;

February 16th, 2018|

Thank You, Longview for levy support!

“This community’s unfailing support helps provide our students the opportunities they need to gain the knowledge and life skills to succeed. This includes our efforts in the classroom, in clubs and athletics” –Superintendent Dan Zorn

Longview School District voters approved two replacement levies that were proposed Feb. 13.

The two-year Replacement Operations and Educational Programs Levy will help the district maintain essential student programs and services beyond what is funded by the state as “basic education.” Initial elections results show a 59.3% approval.

It includes funds to pay for staff members above those supported by the state including teachers, paraprofessionals, counselor, custodians and coaches; for materials and supplies, staff training and all extra curricular activities including athletics.

The four-year Replacement Capital Projects and Technology Levy will provide additional money for maintenance and improvement of district buildings, facilities and fields. It will also eliminate the need to use $500,000 out of the general fund for this purpose. In addition, a portion of the levy will enable the district to keep its teaching and learning technology up-to-date. Initial elections results show a 59.1% approval.

These taxes, which replace the ones expiring at the end of this school year, address needs that exceed state funding.

“We are so grateful […]

February 14th, 2018|

Thank you to the Masons!

On Friday 9th we awarded bikes to Daniel Castro Celis and Ava Luther, for achieving the highest score on their IReady test.“Bike for Books” is a program established by the Masons to encourage emerging second grade readers to increase their fluency and proficiency in literacy.  The Masons believe that fluency in reading is integral to success in both school and life.  To encourage the second graders to put forth their best efforts, the Masons donated two stunning bicycles and helmets to be awarded to the highest achieving boy and girl in the second grade.  Keep working hard second graders, before the school ends the Mason will be back to give out two more bikes, this time they will be awarded to our most improved students. Olympic thanks the Mason and PeaceHealth for coming to our school and presenting our students with the bikes and helmets. You are Owlsome!

February 12th, 2018|
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