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Longview, WA, USA


Olympic Champions

Olympic Champions is an incentive program that encourages students to excel in both academics (all subjects) and citizenship (i.e. Olympic Guidelines). Our goal is to promote excellence and to give all students an opportunity for success. Each Friday teachers will choose two Olympic Champions for the week (one academic, one citizenship).

Teachers will fill out slips for students to bring to the office on Friday morning. Students will turn their slips in and get their picture taken with Mr. Mendenhall. Pictures are displayed on the Olympic Champions board in the hallway.

Each time a student earns an “Olympic Champion” slip, they will be given a gold star to put on their picture. Names of students and areas of excellence are printed weekly in the Daily News and monthly in the Olympic Hoot N Holler (when published) At the end of the school year, students will be honored at the awards assembly and will be able to take their Olympic Champion picture home.