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Meet Mrs. Queener 4th Grade teacher

How long have you been teaching?     This is my 4th year teaching after student teaching.

What are your hobbies?     My hobbies include photography, travel to national parks, Girl Scouts, and being a mommy.

What are you looking forward to for this school year?  I am looking forward to making new friends and improving my teaching.

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Olympic Champions 11-16-18


Reading: Avah Hausserman; Jose Gutierrez Rocha; Trayton Nelson; Ke’ala Erece; Anthony Herrera; Sarah Greenly; Lauren Kysar; Penny Gregory;

Math: Sophia Harris; Mathew young; Tabor Demyan; Daxton Cronin; Hudson Meder;

Writing: Zelda Fitzgerald; Raina Bueno; Santiago Chavez Hernandez; Kaitlyn McElroy;

Social Studies: Braydon McGowan;

P.E.: Gracelyn Dykstra; Torion Woodruff



Respectful: Boston Dennick;

Responsible: Abigail Arias Acosta; Pascuala Mejia- Canastuj; Porter Thomas;

Cooperate: Brian Davis; Emma Shaver; Jaylen Jordan-Jones;

Kindness: Ostara Smith; Braelyn Brown; Blake Kruse; Abigail Larsen; Jacob Wolfe;

Striving for Excellence: Harper Newton; Alivia Disbrow;

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Meet Our New Behavior Success Coach- Ms. Williams

How long have you been teaching? I started in schools at Barnes Elementary as an Intervention Specialist. I worked 8 years in middle school as a school counselor, 5 years in elementary and about 4 years in high school as a drug/alcohol interventionist.

What are your hobbies? My hobbies include second hand/antique shopping, gardening and walking my white German shepherd

What are you looking forward for this school year? I am looking forward to working with an awesome team!

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Meet Ms. Woodman 1st Grade Teacher

  •  She has been teaching for  28 years
  • Her hobbies: she loves to garden, read, go to the beach, and just be with my two kids.
  • What is she looking forward for this school year? I am looking forward to conferences because I love getting to know each child’s family better. I’m also looking forward to seeing these first grade learners turn into second graders!
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Olympic Champions 11-2-18


Reading: William Sanches-Colores; Axel Alcazar; Gianni Thomas-Giles; Nathaniel Nation; Sabastian Wentz; Dafne Castro; Zakary Schlais; Khylan Barr; Gracie Sterner; Anthony Disbrow; Wyatt Ward; Emily Saucedo;

Math: Jaden Fairman; Sydney Hull; Kelidon Jackson; Kayley Sage;

Writing: Rylie Green; Kamille Gillette;

P.E.: Emma Queener; Jason Cifuentes;


Respectful: Maryn Smith; Sabas Rojas-Aguilar; Alex Peltchie; Mikalah Carson; Autumn Merchant;

Responsible: Kayden Cavazos; Magdiel DeLaCruz; Elizabeth Vickers; Jillian Woodruff; Anthony Herrera; Leslie Lewis;

Cooperate: Anton Salaz;

Kindness: Hailey Conrad; Landen Bouchard; Leighton Hartshorn

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Meet Mrs. Harrison

Mrs. Harrison is our new Math Specialist. We are very happy to have her here at Olympic with us this year. Here is a little about her! 

  •  She has been teaching since 2007 so this is her 12th year of teaching
  • Her Hobbies:  I love playing with my son, baking, and doing crafts!
  • What is she looking forward for this school year? I am looking forward to getting to know all the students and staff at Olympic the most.
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Olympic Champions 10-19-18


Reading: Makenna Taylor-Kinney; Slater Register; A.J. Stevens; Riley Hubley;

Trenton Weber; Elizabeth Jordan; Kailyn Hartshorn;

Math: Braylon Cherry; Connie Brown; Erandi Murillo; Gracie Sterner; Ava Luther;

Jackie Chen; Kayley Sage; Kelidon Jackson; Ella Stanley;

Writing: Olivia Johnson;

P.E.: Jasmin Reyes; Oscar Arano Vazquez;



Respectful: Abbi Elkinton; Melody Johnson;

Safe: Troy Collins;

Responsible: Khloee Miller; Dominic Monroy; Krissha Cervantes; Sariah Jarret;

Emma Queener;

Cooperate: Sirus Estrada; Jannet Cabrera; Jayden Sweet; Ximena Araiza;

Kindness: Joshua Broderius; Chloe Long-Kisto; Andy Ramirez Cifuentes;

Striving for Excellence: Chloe Cadwell; Honey Norbury;

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Elks Lodge #1482

Thank you for gifting our 3rd Grade students with  dictionaries!

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Olympic Champions 10-12-18


Reading: Christopher Gomez; Joey DeRidder; Maiya Kinney; Jasiah Chavez;

Math: Viviana Tovar Carino; Allison Valdovinos-Velasquez; MaryKate Walliby; Maribel Morales; Steven DeRidder; Jacob Davis-Eck; Alicia Richardson; Kevin Ruiz-Juarez; Jayden Fairman; Aidan Peters; Kira Morgan; Axel Curtis; Daxton Cronin;


Responsible: Wyatt Shepherd; Raine Morgan; Marlishia Dungawin; Lindsey Buring; Megan King; Felipe Murillo Anguiano; Tiana Chen Zeng;

Cooperate: Brian Davis; Gram Brown;

Kindness: Maliyah Brown; Ava Childs-Vuong; Alex Ferguson; Ismael Garcia Padilla;

Striving for Excellence: Elizabeth Rogers; Andrea Ramirez-Chavez; Conner Hunt;

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