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Final Olympic Champions For 2019/2020 School Year


Elijah K.-Completed all of his work including iReady minutes
Gauge C.- For being engaged for the 2nd time by completing some iReady Minutes
Gabe L. – Completed all of his assignments and most of his iReady minutes

Jaymasen B because of her hard work in Reading and Math.
Carla B for trying hard and doing her best.
Lillie F. for having a great attitude and not giving up!
Rylie C. for doing his schoolwork even when it is hard.
Gracie R. for being a super student this past two weeks!

Christopher G. and Madilyn C. for perseverance during remote learning.

Ms. Hewitt:
Wyatt S. and Jaelynn V. have been amazing during online learning. They have kept up with all of their work and keep putting forth their best effort. Great job Wyatt and Jaelynn!

Mr. Thorsvik

Antowine G. (Citizenship) for having a great attitude and being friendly to all.
Dimitri G. (Academic) for diligence in work and outstanding effort in math and Social Studies.
Luka J. (Citizenship) for being a kind and inclusive friend. Also, Luka (Academic) for working hard in math.
Alianna R. (Citizenship) by showing empathy toward friends and those in need. Also, Alianna (Academic) for increased diligence in work habits.
Izzabella W. (Citizenship) for growth in friendship and kindness.

Mrs. Myklebust:

Penny G. and Alivia D.! Both girls consistently attend our weekly class Zoom meetings, carefully complete their iReady lessons, and send pictures of their completed packet work each week! Great job girls

Mrs. Nailon:

Victoria P. has attended every zoom call during remote learning. She has worked hard on turning in her work and has done a great job!

Candy Z. has done a great job with her work during remote learning. She asks questions about the work she submits and has done a great job communicating and staying on top of her school work!


Sophia H. and Skylar L. for working hard on their google classroom assignments and having a positive attitude during remote learning.

Mrs. Bartleson:

Autumn M, Daijha E, and Brayden H.


Zoey J, Samuel M, Nathaniel N, Aden P, Mekhia S, and Makenna T.

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Olympic Champions For The Week Of 5/25/20 to 5/29/20

Hoot Hoot Hooray! Congratulations to the following students for the owlmazing work.

Ms. Woodman: Kimberly C. and Hayden H.

Mrs: Bartleson: Morgan L. and Jeremy F.

Mrs. Taylor: Andy R. and Sonja C.

Mrs. Nailon: Gavin O. and Maryn S.

Mrs. Myklebust: Felipe M. and Zakary S.

Ms. Curry:Pascal J. and Jason C.

Mrs.Parr: Lilly A., Robby K., Alaynah K. and Kamille G.

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Olympic Champions 5/18 to 5/22

Ms.Hewitt: Jackie C and Bayne M.

Mrs. Parr: Harper N. and Aron V.

Ms. Woodman: Axel C. and Caroline N.

Ms. Curry: Natalia S. and Santiago C. 

Mrs. Bartleson: Bentlee C. and  Lilliana A.

Mrs. Felter: Jayden S. and Orlando A.

Ms. Pipgras: Adrienne J. and Jaron V. 

Mrs. Myklebust: Parker H. Taneisha C.

Owlstanding Job Everyone!

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Olympic Champions for the week 5/11 to 5/15

Olympic Champions for the week 5/11 to 5/15

Ms. Taylor: Bowynn H. and Carlos L.
Mrs. Parr: Dominic M. and Kamille G.
Miss Woodman: Parker M. and Saphira M.
Mrs. Myklebust: Vanessa M. and Odette M.
Mrs.Bartleson: Kailyn Hartshorn
Mrs. Bernard: Gema and Annabelle
Ms.Curry: Damien W. and Adrian V.
Mrs. Nailon: Maribel M. and Brian D.
Mrs. Felter: Chloe O. and Bane F.
Mrs. Wilson: Bridget W., Ellie H., and Cohen S.

Owlstanding Job Everyone!

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Olympic Champions fort he week 5/4 – 5/8

Olympic Champions for the week 5/4 – 5/8

Mrs. Parr: Lilliana Ashford and Robert Koon
Ms. Curry: Gracelyn Dykstra, Aiden (A.J.) Stevens, and Alex Peltchie. Mrs. Myklebust: Torin Dove and Jordan Winston
Ms. Pipgras: Elijah King and Jackie Barella.
Ms. Hewitt: Camdyn Crigger and Maiya Kinney
Ms. Taylor: Tyler Clarke, Julian Chavez and Liam Baker
Miss Woodman; Hunter Patching and Ridley Lager

Great job everyone, keep up the good work.

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Olympic Champions February 2020


Reading: Chavez Hernandez, Santiago; Chavez, Lilly; Chen, Victoria; Cochran, Sonja; Good- Mazzucchi, Hudson; Harris, Sophia; King, Elijah; Nornes, Kamille; Pugh, Raymond; Thomas, Porter; Yu, Anson

Math: Dixon, Kelsey; Fairman, Jayden; Kerr, Alaynah; Mazza, Haidyn; Ramirez Cifuentes, Andrew; Wemmer, Damien

Completing Work: Rose, Lincoln

ELA: Ferguson, Alexandria; Malouff-Tarrant, Jewellia

Physical Education: Disbrow, Alivia; English, Jaeleigh


Positive Attitude: Riggs, Lilly; Sandoval-Parra, Gael; Vazquez, Jaron

Cooperate: Jeffries, Adrienne

Being Responsible: Bent, Jewel; Peters, Victoria; Vickers, Elizabeth

Kindness: Bueno, Raina; Cress, Logan; Crucius, Gauge; Erece, Kalena; Nelson, Emily; Rasmuson, Marc; Robeson, Reuben; Vasquez, Jaron

Striving for Excellence: Allen, Mikael; Demyan, Tabor; Grisffis, Zaiden

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