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Olympic Champions for the week 5/11 to 5/15

Olympic Champions for the week 5/11 to 5/15

Ms. Taylor: Bowynn H. and Carlos L.
Mrs. Parr: Dominic M. and Kamille G.
Miss Woodman: Parker M. and Saphira M.
Mrs. Myklebust: Vanessa M. and Odette M.
Mrs.Bartleson: Kailyn Hartshorn
Mrs. Bernard: Gema and Annabelle
Ms.Curry: Damien W. and Adrian V.
Mrs. Nailon: Maribel M. and Brian D.
Mrs. Felter: Chloe O. and Bane F.
Mrs. Wilson: Bridget W., Ellie H., and Cohen S.

Owlstanding Job Everyone!

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Olympic Champions fort he week 5/4 – 5/8

Olympic Champions for the week 5/4 – 5/8

Mrs. Parr: Lilliana Ashford and Robert Koon
Ms. Curry: Gracelyn Dykstra, Aiden (A.J.) Stevens, and Alex Peltchie. Mrs. Myklebust: Torin Dove and Jordan Winston
Ms. Pipgras: Elijah King and Jackie Barella.
Ms. Hewitt: Camdyn Crigger and Maiya Kinney
Ms. Taylor: Tyler Clarke, Julian Chavez and Liam Baker
Miss Woodman; Hunter Patching and Ridley Lager

Great job everyone, keep up the good work.

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Olympic Champions February 2020


Reading: Chavez Hernandez, Santiago; Chavez, Lilly; Chen, Victoria; Cochran, Sonja; Good- Mazzucchi, Hudson; Harris, Sophia; King, Elijah; Nornes, Kamille; Pugh, Raymond; Thomas, Porter; Yu, Anson

Math: Dixon, Kelsey; Fairman, Jayden; Kerr, Alaynah; Mazza, Haidyn; Ramirez Cifuentes, Andrew; Wemmer, Damien

Completing Work: Rose, Lincoln

ELA: Ferguson, Alexandria; Malouff-Tarrant, Jewellia

Physical Education: Disbrow, Alivia; English, Jaeleigh


Positive Attitude: Riggs, Lilly; Sandoval-Parra, Gael; Vazquez, Jaron

Cooperate: Jeffries, Adrienne

Being Responsible: Bent, Jewel; Peters, Victoria; Vickers, Elizabeth

Kindness: Bueno, Raina; Cress, Logan; Crucius, Gauge; Erece, Kalena; Nelson, Emily; Rasmuson, Marc; Robeson, Reuben; Vasquez, Jaron

Striving for Excellence: Allen, Mikael; Demyan, Tabor; Grisffis, Zaiden

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