Principal’s Message – May 2020

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COVID-19 Update 5/22/2020

May 22, 2020

Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for supporting Longview Schools. Our teachers and staff members continue to work hard every day providing lessons and interacting with students and this wouldn’t be possible without your help.

In the midst of remote learning and celebrating our seniors, the district is planning for next year. The state may require us to start the year normally or in some combination of remote and in class learning. At this point, we do not have clear direction, but expect to have more information in mid-June. We are making plans to support whatever learning model the state orders. We know you will have questions about this and will get information out as soon as it becomes available.

If you haven’t checked out the district Facebook page or web site please do. Photos and videos from the cap and gown pick up celebrations for the class of 2020 are up and they are fantastic. The events were successful and reactions very positive. The Mark Morris Choir also put together two amazing videos that were aired on KGW channel 8 and are well worth watching and listening to.

If you need help with anything related to school, please contact your teacher or principal. We are here to help and support you through this challenging time.

Thanks again for supporting our schools.



Dan Zorn, Superintendent

Longview Public Schools

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5/22/20 Remote Learning Science Kits Pick-up

“Hello Olympic families! We have take-home science kits for your students this week. All you have to do is come pick them up at the school on Friday May 22nd. Please try to come during the following times if you are available.

  • 11am-12pm if your last name starts with A-E
  • 12-1pm if your last name starts with F-H
  • 1-2pm if you last name starts with I-Q
  • 2-3pm if your last name starts with R-Z

Splitting up the time slots this way means the shortest wait times but if this schedule does not work for you, feel free to come during a different time slot.  We will also distribute both learning packets and science kits from 5-6:30pm if this time is more convenient for you.

In order to get the science kits distributed as quickly as possible we will have a station set up right on 30th avenue under the Olympic greeter board.  Please come down 30th facing North, toward Fred Meyer, and just pull to the curb. We will ask you your students names and grade levels and hand you the appropriate kits. Then you can drive on and turn into the parking lot to get your weekly learning packet if you are not doing all of the school work online. There may be a short line that has formed along the curb in front of the school but it will move quickly.

We look forward to seeing your on Friday!”

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A Message to Olympic Students

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Olympic Champions for the week 5/11 to 5/15

Olympic Champions for the week 5/11 to 5/15

Ms. Taylor: Bowynn H. and Carlos L.
Mrs. Parr: Dominic M. and Kamille G.
Miss Woodman: Parker M. and Saphira M.
Mrs. Myklebust: Vanessa M. and Odette M.
Mrs.Bartleson: Kailyn Hartshorn
Mrs. Bernard: Gema and Annabelle
Ms.Curry: Damien W. and Adrian V.
Mrs. Nailon: Maribel M. and Brian D.
Mrs. Felter: Chloe O. and Bane F.
Mrs. Wilson: Bridget W., Ellie H., and Cohen S.

Owlstanding Job Everyone!

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Olympic Champions fort he week 5/4 – 5/8

Olympic Champions for the week 5/4 – 5/8

Mrs. Parr: Lilliana Ashford and Robert Koon
Ms. Curry: Gracelyn Dykstra, Aiden (A.J.) Stevens, and Alex Peltchie. Mrs. Myklebust: Torin Dove and Jordan Winston
Ms. Pipgras: Elijah King and Jackie Barella.
Ms. Hewitt: Camdyn Crigger and Maiya Kinney
Ms. Taylor: Tyler Clarke, Julian Chavez and Liam Baker
Miss Woodman; Hunter Patching and Ridley Lager

Great job everyone, keep up the good work.

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Rotary Club book distribution / Grab and Go meals

Dear Olympic families,

The Longview Rotary Club has generously donated a large number of books for Olympic students. If you are interested in a couple of free grade level books, come to the school tomorrow, Friday May 8th from 11:00 to 3:00 and pick them up. There is a limited number of books and they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. The books are organized by grade level and in small bags. Unfortunately, there isn’t a process to choose books due to the current safety practices we all are exercising. Therefore, a staff member will hand out a bag of two books for each student in the family. Please follow our procedure listed on the signs for car and in-person pick-up.

Mike Mendenhall/Principal

“Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.” – Mason Cooley.


Another additional bit of news: Olympic school has recently been added as a Lunch Meal ‘Grab and Go’ location. The bus will be in the Olympic parking lot Monday through Friday at 11:25 a.m. Any child, from birth to age 18, can pick up a grab and go breakfast and lunch each weekday. You don’t need to qualify or register to receive meals – the kids just have to show up. Be ready at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time. Students must be visible at the bus stops to receive meals and please remember to practice social distancing. Bus delivery meal service will continue through June 19, 2020.

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COVID-19 Update 5/16/2020

May 16, 2020

Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for supporting the district’s remote learning efforts. We are hearing great reports about students staying involved in learning.

As remote learning continues, hopefully the process is getting easier for you to manage. We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine our system.

You may be wondering about what school will look like next year.  We are closely monitoring guidance from the governor’s office and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  As we wait for this guidance, we have begun preparing for multiple scenarios.  Whatever direction is taken, we will be prepared to provide the best education we possibly can within the parameters provided by the state.  We will keep you informed as we learn more.  Your patience continues to be greatly appreciated.

Some of you have gotten connected with our expanded meal distribution service. We are providing a breakfast and lunch to hundreds of kids each day. If you have a question, or need to get connected to receive meals, please email

Our high school senior celebrations continue on social media and the district web site. If you visit the district Facebook page, you will see senior spotlight videos and photos of many graduates. The Class of 2020 is an amazing group of young adults.

Kindergarten registration is open online at Our student enrollment web page includes a how to video to help you get your child registered. Now is the time to get your 5 year old signed up and ready to go for the upcoming school year.

If you need help or support, please contact your teacher or school principal. We are here for you and want to help.

Thanks again for supporting our schools.

Take care, have a great weekend and stay safe.


Dan Zorn, Superintendent

Longview Public Schools


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New Meal Distribution Routes

Meal Service Locations

The school district meal service program is helping serve kids in need during this challenging time. Please see some recent changes to the meal program below.

*During the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, Longview Public Schools will continue providing meal service for anyone under 18 years old* Meal service will continue during spring break, as well.

Please note, as of Friday, March 20, a new meal distribution location has been added in the parking lot behind Community House on Broadway. Also, starting Monday, March 23, meals will no longer be served at Roy Morse park due to low turnout. Those receiving meals at Roy Morse park have been redirected to other convenient locations.

Longview Public School Meal Service Locations and Times:
Meal Offering: Grab n’ Go breakfast and lunch served on weekdays to any person 0 to 18 years of age.

Static Sites
Meal Service 12:00pm -12:30pm, Monday through Friday

  1. Helens Elementary – Main Office Entrance
  2. Kessler Elementary – Main Office Entrance
  3. Monticello Middle School – Main Office Entrance
  4. Northlake Elementary – Main Office Entrance
  5. Columbia Heights Elementary – Main Office Entrance
  6. Mint Valley Elementary – Main Office Entrance

Mobile Delivery Sites
Meal Service 11:45am to 12:00pm, Monday through Friday

  1. Baker’s Corner Store parking lot – 5601 Ocean Beach Hwy, Longview
  2. Archie Anderson Park – 22nd Ave & Alabama St, Longview

Meal Service 12:15pm to 12:30pm, Monday through Friday

  1. Youth and Family Link parking lot – 907 Douglas St, Longview
  2. Community House on Broadway = 1335 11th Avenue, Longview (in parking lot behind building by Evangel Christian Fellowship)

Children must be present to receive meals.

Meal Service Updated Bus Routes

Dear Parents and Families,

Over the last several weeks we have seen an increase in the demand for meals at our distribution sites. To better serve those in need, Longview Public Schools will be expanding the grab and go meal delivery service starting Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at the bus routes listed below.

If you need breakfast and lunch for your child, and would like to be added to one of the routes below, please contact the transportation department at 360-575-7866 or email  Please remember, any child, from birth to age 18, can pick up a grab and go breakfast and lunch each weekday. You don’t need to qualify or register to receive meals – the kids just have to show up.

As always, be ready at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.  Students must be visible at the bus stops to receive meals and please remember to practice social distancing. Bus delivery meal service will continue through June 19, 2020.

Thank you.

Route 1 Van 96
11:15 AM – Eufaula Hgts RD
11:17 AM – Eufraula Hgts RD & Brock CK
11:20 AM – Whol &  Stella RD
11:25 AM – Stella RD
11:27 AM – Stella RD
11:30 AM – Stella RD & Redbud RD
11:30 AM – Stella RD & Cliffside DR
11.35 AM – Newt Estates
11:40 AM – Germany Creek RD
11:42 AM – Germany Creek RD
11:55 AM – Abernathy
12:05 PM – E McAdams RD

Route 4 Van 33
11:40 AM – John Nulls Park
11:44 AM – 3050 Pennsylvania
11:45 AM – 32ND & Pine
11:45 AM – 34TH & Ocean Beach HWY
11:50 AM – 36th & Nebraska ST
11:52 AM – Mint PL
11:57 AM – 40TH & Ocean Beach HWY
12:00 PM – 46TH & Ocean Beach HWY
12:00 PM – 48TH & Ocean Beach HWY
12:06 PM – 50TH & Aspen
12:09 PM – Oriole & Wren
12:12 PM – Finch
12:20 PM – N 50TH
12:22 PM – N 50TH
12:27 PM – Clark Creek

Route 2 Van 38
11:10 AM – Mt. Solo & Solo View DR
11:15 AM – Schneiter & Island DR
11:20 AM – 5558 Willow Grove (Trailer PK)
11:21 AM – Willow Grove RD
11:25 AM – Willow Grove
11:30 AM – Carlson DR
11:35 AM – Willow Grove

Route 5 Van 93
11:45 AM – Hillcrest Store
11:47 AM – Valley Christian Church
11:49 AM – Nevada PL (2 Stops)
11:50 AM – Jenny LN
11:52 AM – Lindsey
11:55 AM – Pacific PL
11:57 AM – Pacific Way
11:58 AM – Pacific Way
12:01 AM – Lone Oak
12:03 PM – Monticello & Sylvan
12:08 PM – Sunset View Lane
12:13 PM – Curtis DR
12:16 PM – Fairway
12:19 PM – Sunset Way
12:20 PM – Sunset Way
12:21 PM – Sunset Way

Route 3 Van 35
11:25 AM – Olympic Elementary
11:32 AM – Memorial PK & Shelley PL
11:40 AM – Heron Pointe (Bus Stop)
11:45-12:00 – Bakers Corner
12:05 PM – Charles & Ann
12:10 PM – 46TH & Julie PL
12:15 PM – 40TH & Alter
12:18 PM – 3954 Estate DR
12:20 PM – 40TH & Ocean Beach HWY
12:22 PM – 36TH & Ocean Beach HWY

Route 6 Van 36
12:10 PM – 18TH & Baltimore
12:01 PM – 15TH & Baltimore
12:03 PM – 1345 Baltimore (Cottages)
12:05 PM – 636 California Way
12:10 PM – 970 9TH AVE
12:12 PM – Hudson ST
12:14 PM – 1135 9TH AVE
12:15-12:30 PM – Community House (Behind)
12:32 PM – 9TH AVE & New York
12:38 PM – E Lynnwood DR

Route 7 Van 34
11:40 AM – 32ND AVE
11:42 AM – Douglas
11:43 AM – Colorado
11:45-12:00 – Archie Anderson Park
12:05 PM – Alley 17TH & 18TH (Alabama)
12:09 PM – Oregon WY & Alabama ST
12:15-12:30 PM – Youth & Family Link

Other Resources for Families 

Food Resource Calendar
Community Resources

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