Employees of Distinction – Mr. Hartley & Mrs. Kotera

Congratulations goes to our Employees of Distinction – Phil Hartley from Monticello Middle School and R.A. Long’s Tiffany Kotera. Please join us in congratulating Phil and Tiffany for being selected as the Employees of Distinction for the first half of the 2019-2020 school year.Employees of Distinction

Mr. Hartley and Mrs. Kotera were selected as the Employees of Distinction from a pool of outstanding certificated and classified employees submitted by principals. This award signifies excellence in performance and outstanding commitment to our kids. Two more Employees of Distinction will be chosen for the second half of the year and two will be recognized as Employees of Distinction for the entire 2019-20 school year.

Great job Phil and Tiffany!

Let’s also give a big round of applause for all the first half of the year Employee of Distinction nominees: Shelley Allis, Kathy Bailey, Carrie Bodenhamer, Jori Cachelin, Kathy Campton, Holly Davis, Jane Gutridge, Angela Hampton, Cynthia Hanson, Kim Halleck, Nate McMullan, Justyne Mullenix, Rhonda Nofsinger, David Nofsinger, Kelly Parvas, Kim Rambo, Christina Reeves, Sam Tilton and Lora Rulo.


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Upcoming Book Fair


Olympic Book Fair coming soon!

 Tuesday, February 18th                    3:00-3:30pm

Wednesday, February 19th              7:45-8:15am &

          GRAND EVENT                         2:00-3:00pm

Thursday, February 20th                 7:45-8:15am & 3:00-3:30pm

20/20 Vision for our Future         5:00-7:00pm (Book Fair opens at 4:30)

Friday, February 21st                        7:45-8:15am & 3:00-3:30pm


Visit our ONLINE Book Fair at


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Olympic Champions January 2019


Reading: Tytyn Webber; Chloe Oltean; Davon Swagerty; Brayden Harriman; Christian Nieto-Aguilar; Zane Gilmer; Daijha Edwards; Caroline Nielson; Alivia Disbrow; Felipe Murillo-Anguiano; Jackie Barella; Maribel Morales; Mari Guzman;

Math: London Connors; Campbell Saavedra; London Schneck; Victor Chen; Paulina Valdovinos-Velasquez; Wyatt Ward; Mackenzie Shepherd; Chloe Moyer; Flynn Hanson;

Writing: Eisley Archibald; Pedro Astudillo-Brown; Kimberly Yescas Martinez;

Social Studies: Landen Bouchard;


Showing Respect: Eiiza Ferrero-Saucedo; Josue Banuelos; Maria Jamie-Galindo; Victor Contreras Salas;

Cooperate: Adamaris Contreras-Salas; Cal Weil; Annie Pomerinke; Maddison Jiganie; Camydn Crigger;

Being Responsible: Ayskyn Hasty; Adrey Mullins; Khloee Miller; Carter Bowers;

Kindness: Rebecca Johnsen; Gracie Sterner; Victor Contreras-Salas; Emma Owens; Jacob Hammers;

Striving for Excellence: Jaron Vazquez; Kayden Cavazos; Arealia Zhar; Alivia Riley;

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Olympic Champions December 2019


Reading: Blake Koons; Kevin Mainor; Jed Bent; Valeria Bazan; Giftanson Albert; Evelyn Sanches Guitron; Mikael Allen; Jacob Davis; Parker Masters; Ryley Connolly; Claire Kemp; Jayden Koski; Ceci Cave; Olivia Johnson; Chloe Cadwell; Zelda Fitzgerald; Julian Chavez; Bentlee Crary; Kevin Ruiz-Juarez; Zoe Ramirez-Chavez; Jackie Barella; Leah Parks;

Math: Alycia Monroy; Flynn Hanson; Mason BeerBower; Victor Chen; Makenna Borgstrom; Mathew Young; Slater Register; Noah Guerrero-Morillon; Jackie Chen; Abby Larsen; Thatcher Register; Ryder Worel; Gabryle Dietz; Steven Reddington; Jeremy Flores-Salinas;

Science: Natalia Salas;

P.E: Axel Curtis; Pascal Johnson; Morgan Landers;


Showing Respect: Tony Vengas-Bacall; Bayne Messner; Jonah Harriman; Anthony Armenta; Isla Catlin;

Being Safe: Bently Runyon;

Being Responsible: Seanray Dungawin; Jasper Sugg; Koltyn Crigger; Emma Doiron; Torion Woodruff; Evelyn Uribe- Castaneda; Dominic Monroy; Jose Gutierrez Rocha; Chase Bowers; Pascal Johnson; Adrian Magana; Madison Peters; Keala Erece;

Cooperate: Noah Guerrero-Morillon;

Kindness: Anabelle Dykstra; April Kruse; Jasper Sugg; Harmony Cochran; Saphira Martin; Kimberly Cadena-Marquez; Gracelyn Dykstra; Santiago Chavez-Hernandez; Tue Ngo; Betty Jean Hawkins; Brian Davis; Elizabeth Lee;

Strive for Excellence: Deija Coalman; Suabriann Albert; Trinity Gillette;

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Special Election Ballots are Out!

Ballots are out for the February 11th special election!
An education replacement levy will be on this ballot, so don’t forget to vote!

For more information click here.

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Olympic Champions November 2019


Reading: Valeria Bazan; Lola Cronin; Owen Page; Jaxson Rothwell; Elias Contreras-Chavez; Aiden St. Onge; Cassidy McGowan; Mari Guzman-Minear; Ronan Nesbit; Ellie Ortiz; Jason Cifuentes; Kaitlyn McElroy; Autumn Merchant; Joshua Sacuedo;

Math: Bryson Wilcox; Alex Peltchie; Dominick Aguilar; Mikalah Carson; Blake Kruse; Aiden Peters;

Writing: Maribel Morales; Karson Crigger;

Social Studies: Brendan Farrar;

P.E: Orlando Avalos Tinoco; Brittney Cox;


Showing Respect: Jayden Koski; Allison Valdovinos-Velasquez; Isabella Elrod; Bayne Messner; Morgan Landers; Ava Luther; Carter Bowers; Gael Sandoval-Parra;

Being Responsible: Kylie Stone; Gracie Green; Grace Richardson; Gracie Richey; Jasmine Tellez; Bridget Woodruff; Gianni Thomas-Giles; Maiya Kinney; Marvin Felipe Lopez; Alex Ferguson; Maria Jaime Galindo;

Cooperate: Kyra Romo; Anthony Disbrow; Emiliano Ariaza;

Kindness: Nina Edwards; Elizabeth Jordan; Caleb Culp; Parker Holian; Aubrey Dodds; Raine Morgan; Amyra Vollmert; Candy Zhen Huang; Tue Ngo; Erandi Murillo; Lexie Moua;

Strive for Excellence: Jayden Sweet;




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Five Teachers Earn National Board Certification

Five more of our teachers are now Nationally Board Certified!  These five fantastic teachers include: Ronda Butterfield from Robert Gray Elementary, Nicole Campbell from Cascade Middle School, Paul Field from R.A. Long High School, Jenessa Norvaisis from CVG Elementary, and Joel Thomas from St. Helens Elementary.

Also, here are all of our other teachers who are on the National Board of Certification:
Columbia Heights: Carolyn Kochis

CVG: Stacey Niemi, Lori Parcell, Jodie Rodriguez

Kessler: Linda Miles, Barbara Moore

Mark Morris: Christopher Coffee, Anna Langenbach, Lauren Princehouse, Travis Ruhter, Diondra Volk

Mint Valley: Greg Buckiewicz, Susan Christopersen, Michelle McDonald

Monticello: Ryan Chinchen, Scott Firth, Jessica Jones, Constance Noakes, Michelle Opgrande, Anna Peterson, Jayne Poole, Lanette Shepherd

Mt. Solo: Daniel Reed

Northlake: Saskia Rivera

Olympic: Angela Guinn, Carmen Hewitt, Angela Richards, Jennifer Sharer, Shawna Wilson, Ellen Winn

St. Helens: Kelley Smith

According to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, certification was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. It is the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education.

Created by teachers, for teachers, the National Board Standards represent a consensus among educators about what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do. The certification process requires that teachers demonstrate standards-based evidence of the positive effect they have on student learning in alignment with the Five Core Propositions. They must exhibit a deep understanding of their students, content knowledge, use of data and assessments and teaching practice. They must also show that they participate in learning communities and provide evidence of ongoing reflection and continuous learning.


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Replacement Levy Information

Dear Parents and Families,

 A measure which includes important programs related to your child’s education will be voted on in the February 11 special election.   In fact, every school district in Cowlitz County has a replacement levy on the February ballot to fund critical programs that are either not funded or not fully funded by the state.

 School funding is complex and can be confusing. Which is why superintendents from all districts in the Cowlitz County met with The Daily News last week to talk about the need for replacement levies. The article highlights how important local levy funding is to our schools. Read the story here.   You can find more information about the replacement levy for Longview Schools on our website.

 Please remember to vote by February 11 and thank you for your interest in Longview Public Schools!

 Rick Parrish

Communications Coordinator

Longview Public Schools

2715 Lilac Street

Longview, WA 98632

360-575-7019 phone

360-957-6820 cell



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Olympic Champions October 2019

Reading: Ben Warning; Jacen Brand; Iren Chorn; Leslie Lewis; Liam Baker; Victor Chen; Chloe Moyer; Chloe Huntley; Nico Fortelka; Khylan Barr; Viviana Tovar-Carino; Elizabeth Vickers; Zoe Ramirez-Chavez; Camdyn Crigger; Melody Johnson; Ellalani Stanely; Clarie Kemp; Aylla Torbet-Ramsdell; Kimberly Yescas; Maria Jaime Galindo

Math: Madeline House; Kingston LaBeau; Cora Pearson; Axel Curtis; Jaelynn Gessey; Karson Crigger; Wyatt Schultz; Kelidon Jackson; Sophia Harris; Annabelle Pomerinke; Elijah King; Karmon Tan; Sirus Estrada; Kash Kilde; Daxton Cronin; Daniel Castro-Celis; Zada Hancock; Quin Kochis;

Writing: Kailyn Hartshorn;

P.E: Axel Alcazar;

Showing Respect: Michael Harris; Yahir Ruiz-Basurto; Elizabeth Rogers; Jose Gutierrez Rocha; Jaelynn Vazquez; Bayne Messner; Maryn Smith; Bridget Cooper; Trenton Weber; Erandi Murillo; Dakota Millus

Being Safe: Skylar Linden; Emma Queener;

Being Responsible: Lexie Moua; Kannon Owens; Brooklynn Guernsey; Claira Johnson; Victoria Davis; Eva Catlin; Taneisha Clevenger; Felipe Murillo-Anguiano; Lilliana Ashford; SueAnne Tabor; Ostara Smith; Sebastian Roth; Jaylen Jordan-Jones; Emily Brook; Arrena Chorn; A.J. Stevens; Maiya Kinney; Olivia Burch; Victor Contreras Salas; Chase Sanger; Gauge Crucius; Madison Taylor’forest; Micah Welch; Audrey Mullins; Connie Brown; Gabby Tovar-Bacall; Dafne Castro; Lydia Hodges; Carrington Highley; Alexa Ruiz-Juarez; Treesje Harris;
Cooperate: Sulfina Albert;

Kindness: Flynn Hanson; Faith Somerville; Alice Young; Deklyn Hasty; Evelyn Sanchez Guitron; Gram Brown; Hunter Patching; Paige Rogers; Odette Metcalf; Zachary Schlais; Jacob Wolfe; Shyla Brannan; Sabastian Wentz; Ethan Jiganie; Irosy Karuo; Gael Sandoval-Para; Bane Folwer; Ryan Moore;

Strive for Excellence: Carter Bowers;

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