Olympic Champions 3-29-19


Reading: Oscar Arano Vasquez;

Writing: John Nieto-Ortiz; Jovan Estrada McBride; Reuben Robeson;

Math: Connie Brown; Maryn Smith;


Respectful: Landen Bouchard

Responsible: Lexie Docherty; Saphira Martin;

Kindness: Evelyn Barella; Ava Childs-Vuong; Aubrey Price;

Striving For Excellence: Iris Zimmerman;

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Olympic Champions 3-22-19



Reading: Gabby Muro; Makenna Taylor-Kinney; Slater Register; Kevin Ruiz-Juarez; Gabby Tovar-Bacall;

Math: Darius Olson- Terry; Madison Peters; Chance Shepherd; Chris Bugg; Alexis Elliott; Sam Morgan; Elizabeth Lee; Alejandro Reyes; Bayne Messner;

Writing: Alicia Richardson;

Science: Sophia Kuhnel;



Respectful: A.J. Stevens; Dominic Monroy; Carlos Lopez;

Cooperate: Jasiah Chavez;

Kindness: Abbi Elkinton; Lydia Hodges; Jasmin Reyes-Zepeda; Aubrey Dodds;

Strive for Excellence: Angelina Castro-Gongora;

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Olympic Champions 3-15-19


Reading: Aurora Perton; Kassidy McClure; Annabelle Pomerinke; Nina Edwards;

Math: Cohen Saavedra; Bridget Woodruff; Gracie Sterner; Nevaeh Miller;

Writing: Isaias Lindsey;



Respectful: Jeremy Flores-Salinas;

Safe: Trenton Weber;

Responsible: Abigail Arias Acosta;

Cooperate: Devyn Utton; Elvia Hernandez;

Kindness: Jayden Fairman; Jasmin Reyes- Zepeda; Allyson Gregg; Jazlynn Nease; Allison Valdovinos Velasquez; Rene Owens; Dylan Becerra Corona; Carla Bazan;

Striving for Excellence: Mya Genung;

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Olympic Champions 3-8-19


Reading: Elizabthe Vicker; Bridget Woodruff; Caleb Culp; Tristan Kilgore; Johnathan Palmer; Jovan Estrada-McBride; Jennix Monreal; Jaime (L.J.) Olvera; Tilor Torgeson;

Math: Madison Peters; Honey Norbury; Morgan Landers;



Respectful: Jacob Craft-Taylor; Calleigh Cox; Arrenna Chorn; Audrey Mullins

Safe: Clay Linden;

Responsible: Brooklyn Frank; Pedro Astudillo Brown; Damian Monroy; Ronan Nesbit; Alaynah Kerr;

Cooperation: Skyler Esponde;

Striving For Excellence: Erandi Murillo; Lily Riggs; Zoe Ramirez-Chavez;

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Family Resource Center opens at Monticello

Teachers and support team members across the district are seeing a growing number of kids and families who lack a stable food source and/or housing. To help the kids and families the district opened a Family Resource Center at Monticello Middle School. The resource center gives parents a place to get help and connect with food, housing, mental health or other services. It doesn’t matter which school a child attends – the family resource center is open to help them. The resource center was put together through donations and did not require district funds.

The Daily News wrote a front page story about the resource center that published March 2. This is another example of the district putting extra effort towards helping our kids be successful.

The Family Resource Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 11 am and from 1 pm to 3 pm.


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Application window open for Highly Capable student testing

Applications are now being accepted for the district’s annual Highly Capable Program identification process. To have a student evaluated for this program, parents/guardians give permission by completing the High Capable Permission Form and returning it to the student’s school. Permission forms are due Friday, March 15, 2019.

Cognitive Ability Testing (CogAT) will commence March-April 2019. The selection team will review student data April-May 2019. Testing results will be mailed in May 2019.

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Olympic Champions 2-22-19


Reading: Layla Herboth; Jacquelyn Barella; Megan King; Alianna Roggow;

Math: Dafne Castro; Braiden Williams; Trinity Gillette; Tabor Demyan; Darwin Dungawin; Thomas Moulton;

Writing: Bradley Darnell;


Safe: Gabryle Dietz;

Responsible: Dakota Millus; Sebastian Roth; Damian Monroy;

Kindness: Brandon Culp; Owen Larsen; Mason Beerbower; Irosy Karuo;

2019-02-22T19:41:45+00:00February 22nd, 2019|

Olympic Champions 2-15-19


Reading: Lacey Mullenix; Salina McElroy; Avah Hausserman; Lilly Barto Anderson; Jaymeson Bragg; Adrian Magana; Brooklyn Frank;

P.E.: Caroline Nielsen; Thatcher Register;

Math: Vickey Chen;



Respectful: Savannah White;

Responsible: Jaxson Sette; Samuel Pomerinke; Margaret Hanson; Bentley Runyon;

Cooperate: Kellen Ray;

Kindness: Bentley McCraye; Brooklyn Runyon; Aubrey Price; Emma Owens; Sosa Thacker; Dominick Aguilar;

2019-02-15T21:28:28+00:00February 15th, 2019|

Elementary Science Day Camp offered

The R.A. Long Science Olympiad Club presents the 6th Annual Elementary Science Day Camp for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in Cowlitz County. There are two sessions to pick from –  Monday, February 18, 2019, 8am – 2pm (there is no school that day) and/or Saturday, March 23, 2019, 8am-2pm.

Students will explore a variety of scientific concepts including physics, chemistry, biology. High school students will run the experiments and offer hands-on lab activities and demonstrations.  Experiments include catapults, robotics, code breakers, lava lamps, footprinting, chemical reactions, lasers, and rockets.

The camp will be held at R.A. Long, Room 130; the cost is $49, payable at the ASB office during school hours or on the day of the camp. Please complete the registration form and return to R.A. Long High School ASB office during school hours.

2019-02-12T22:44:32+00:00February 12th, 2019|
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